Q: I would like to be a mahjong writer like Sensei Fukuchi.

Dear Sensei Fukuchi,

I would like to be a mahjong writer like you. If possible I want to work in a publishing company like Takeshobou, and write articles and columns about mahjong. What kind of attitude or talent do I need for mahjong writing? Now I am between jobs, how should I do it seriously? Could you give me some advice?

PS: I am better at mahjong than you.

Name: anonymous
Age: 20s
Job: part-time job worker
Sex: male

I have something to say about the “ I am better at mahjong than you” but first, I will answer your questions.

Firstly I have to say that working in a publishing company and writing about mahjong are completely different. It’s like being the strongest mahjong player and being the owner of a mahjong house.

In recent years, publishing companies tend to hire the people who are smart and can do anything. They don’t hire mahjong mania types. Train magazine publishers are the same. They don’t hire crazy-for-train guys. I mean, they prefer all around people.

Publishing company jobs are, for example; ”hey Fukuchi, you are almost fired, hurry up!”, and “how about a new manga story where Slime Alisu is a hero?”. They don’t write articles by themselves. If you say “ I am better at mahjong than Fukuchi” in a job interview, maybe they will say “go work in mahjong house?” It is hard…

But it is not impossible. You have some ways to write mahjong articles and columns. It is high-level writing, to make an interesting mahjong blog.

Recently, publishers looking for writers on the Internet are increasing. A short while ago, Mr. Hiii was such a writer. Before, professional mahjong players were picked up on their achievement, but now publishers prefer interesting writing and clear explanation than mahjong skill.

Mr. Hiii is just one applicant but there were many candidates. But most of them were rejected upon meeting. From now on, Mr.Rokubungi may have a possibility because his blog evaluation is high.

Publishing your book is possible enough. Mahjong books from the Internet are still only done by Totsugeki Tohoku but will increase in the future. The reason not to increase now is that publishing companies still insist that “famous, professional mahjong players = sales”, this kind of scheme. Sooner or later it will change. If you become a famous blogger, you could write mahjong articles and have regular columns in magazines.

But no, you didn’t ask how to be such a disposable mahjong writer, you want to work in a publishing company like Takeshobou? It just takes job a interview. Every summer to autumn, they have job examinations. This is a bit difficult though, some professional mahjong players fail frequently at interviews. Part-time jobs are a little easier than full-time jobs. You just call the company when they have a vacancy. Just call frequently and ask “do you have any part-time job openings?”

But also no, you don’t want such an “orthodox way” or make use of mahjong skill “ I am better at mahjong than you”? Are you looking for an easy gain? And asking me to tell you such a way? I have never seen a Yakuza recruitment, but the Yakuza need strong players…. It is 100 times more difficult living on mahjong gambling than living on pachinko gambling. If you chose, then you have to hustle rich men. Hustling old rich men is more important than mahjong skill.

There is a way to be a professional mahjong player, but before that, I recommend being charismatic famous player and blogger. I don’t know if your better skill than mine is real mahjong skill or Internet mahjong skill. I imagine from your attitude your skill might be Internet mahjong skill, so just be the No.1 Internet mahjong player. Then you will be asked for an interview from this website.

Are you disappointed there are only few ways that make use of your mahjong skill? There is not just one certain way and there may be other ways that seem like dead ends. When you look overseas, many Chinese people play mahjong and Japanese style mahjong has a good reputation. You may find an unexpected way. At first, be a charismatic famous blogger.

By the way, I have to respond this line: “I am better at mahjong than you.” You remind me of some players that I have played before. Are you Mr. Metal Cuula or Mr. Tamanegi on the mahjong game site Tenho? Ten years earlier they said such things!!

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