Q: I am a professional mahjong player but I am poor at mahjong.


I am a low class mahjong player in north Japan. I have belonged to a mahjong professional organization for almost 1 year. Recently I realized I may be poor at mahjong. What should I do from now? And could you tell me how to make a pretty teenage girlfriend or the difference between the orders of keeping and throwing honor tiles in normal rules and competition rules?

Name: justice
Age: 20s
Sex: male
Job: student and professional mahjong player
Blog: Today's Juses

While I guess I was slow to reply, apparently you were fired from that professional organization. But it is kind of lucky. Because I think starting mahjong from 60 years old is best. By playing mahjong frequently, your life will pass by very quickly. So not playing mahjong is better. If you long for playing mahjong, you should just play once a week and start mahjong seriously from 60.

I think mahjong is a disease. There are some addictions such as alcohol, tobacco and so on. Mahjong is one of them. Mahjong addiction is surely a disease.

So to be a professional mahjong player means the same as to be a professional alcoholic. Sometimes a heavy mahjong addict has no way but to be a professional mahjong player. If you can stop, it is better to drop mahjong.

It is good that you realize you don’t have talent. They are dangerous feelings that "I am a genius". Only one player I have met had a huge talent and he was just a mahjong hustler. There is seldom genius. All digital [logical] mahjong players are just normal people, so to choose stopping mahjong is the choice of a real digital mahjong player.

But there is no persuasion in what I said. I just said “stop!” So I will tell you a little about myself. When I first became a mahjong addict I was 24. I failed all my job interviews. From that, I had worked in a mahjong house for 3 years as a part time job. I played mahjong everyday. When I was 26, I got a child unexpectedly and got married. Then I was barely able to work in a publishing company so I started a normal job.

If I were earnest, I could have worked seriously. But I was a mahjong addict. It was not easy to recover. I would not work seriously and played in mahjong gambling houses. When I was 30 years old, I almost recovered from the mahjong addiction but then I was fired from the company.

After that company I became a freelance writer. Freelance writing has flexible hours, so I could have played mahjong more but my addiction was almost gone. I did not become a mahjong hustler but became a publishing hustler. Strictly speaking, I was not able to earn as a mahjong hustler.

Anyway, from 24 to 30 years old I was a serious mahjong addict. If you fall into it carelessly, you will waste your twenties. Recently I am in good health. Internet mahjong playing makes me comfortable. It took 15 years to get in this condition. Do you feel you are at risk? Do you feel you have to stop?

When you think “I want to master mahjong” it is a bad sign. Please play adult games. Adult games also may be a disease but it is better than mahjong.

And next question is “how to make pretty teenage girl friend”? I have never had such a thing so I am puzzled. But generally speaking, it is the same as mahjong. In the movies, novels, and cartons, people say “I love you forever” but it is full of lies. Same as how Japanese adult videos are fake.

In mahjong, an each sides waiting is better than a kanchan waiting and a 3 sides waiting is better than an each side waiting. Making a girlfriend is the same. The higher the number of winning tiles, the easier the win.

When you write “pretty girlfriend” it implies that you try to pass on any other potential girlfriends. When you face any situation to win, you just say “Ron!”(declaration of win) like mahjong. It is a fundamental skill of mahjong. Housewife in her thirties or whatever, you just accept it. You can get points from any person. Someday you can win with a pretty teenage girlfriend. Important things are speed, perfect escaping, and rate of winning. Use stealing moderately and get 1000 points girlfriend, 8000 points girlfriend riding on the flow.

And ah… “the difference between the order of keeping and throwing honor tiles in normal rules and competition rules”? I do not know because I hardly play competition rules. Please find it yourself. Playing various rules is better and such skill may useful for making a girlfriend. Play hard before becoming an addict. Your sister is not good enough for you?

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