Q:I wanna beat Hisato Sasaki! What should I do?!

Yo Sensei Fukuchi! :D

I read a book about Hisato Sasaki!
Apparently he got 10,000,000 yen playing mahjong but he’s a dick right?

If I can I wanna beat him and take the dough back to the people who lost!
But he seems tough as hell! How do I win?! Help me out Sensei Fukuchi!

Name: anonymous
Age: teenager
Sex: male
Job: student

You want to be a righteous hero and beat him, right? I answer two of your questions. One is “Is Hisato sasaki bad guy or not?” The other is “”How can you beat him?”

Before answering, let’s confirm who he is. He became the model of a mahjong cartoon as “the man who earned 10,000,000 yen at mahjong houses”. After this story, he became a professional mahjong player and famous immediately. His stoic attitude “only for mahjong“ is very popular. His writing skill is also good, he is writing a column in a mahjong magazine and his book “Hisato Note” sells well.

Anyway, he is handsome and kind of a role model in young mahjong players. His atmosphere is not a “player” but a “gambler”. Then you imagine Hisato deprives money, and people are crying or a child saying “hey dad, you lost to Hisato, where is my college fund?” That’s what you are asking me. Right?

Well, he is not that bad. By not bad, I mean I won’t say he is righteous, only a bit worse than normal people, because there are no victims.

Have you ever seen people who wound up broke by Hisato? The losers just tried to beat him if things went well and lost as a result. I don’t know what kinds of losers they are but I think they are rich people. Recently a high rate of mahjong players is almost rich. This is the difference from slot machines and pachinko. So such people have almost no damages if they lose. I want to tell them to give me the money instead. I have never heard that Hisato cheats so he is not a mean player.

But you may question “the man who earned 10,000,000 yen”. This means he has a kind of special way or is cheating. Strictly speaking, I think the “10,000,000 yen“ is including his salary. Usually workers in mahjong houses are kind of spendthrifts but he is stoic, he saved money and hardly wastes. I think he didn’t cheat.

You may have a question too: “Is mahjong gambling illegal?” In general gambling is considered bad but on the law it is permitted to some extent. Gambling is illegal but small money for entertainment is OK. Now, how much is “small money”? It’s not clear. Japanese Member of Parliament, Mr. Emoto, asked before the Minister of Justice, but he didn’t get an answer exactly. So nobody can answer how much is illegal. I think current mahjong gambling is not gambling. No problem unless you play with unreasonable wagers.

Lately there are some people who have huge debts because of gambling. The reason is usually pachinko or slot machines, seldom mahjong. High rolling is done in underground casinos. I think the betting in mahjong houses is smaller than on golf courses. So I won’t say Hisato is squeaky clean, he is a little grey. I am too.

As for how to beat Hisato Sasaki, I do not know because I have never beaten him. He is a really strong player. You don’t need to increase his savings to 10,030,000 yen. The advice I can give is… I imagine that his luck continues over a day and also his bad luck continues over a day. It is not simple good luck or bad luck. I think he is not good at adjusting on his luck.

So when you play with him, check his first, and second games. If he is good shape, you say “Sorry, I have to meet my girlfriend right now.” If he is bad condition, you say “OK I broke up with my girlfriend. I have enough time to play.” This tactic might be good. I played with him almost 1 year ago though, so I can’t guarantee.

As far as I know, recently he has been strong in a professional league but bad luck is coming to his private mahjong. Please don’t bury him too much.

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