Dear Sensei Fukuchi: kanchan waiting advice

"Dear Sensei Fukuchi -Kanchan waiting advice-"

The Kanchan waiting is one of the Mahjong waitings like .Everybody has this kind of hole in their heart. In this page, Sensei Fukuchi fills in your Kanchan heart hole for you!

So to speak, Sensei Fukuchi draws ! but this advice is for just one group. After this advice, if you should be caught or killed, this website and Sensei Fukuchi will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

Makoto Fukuchi Profile

 Makoto Fukuchi was born in Tokyo in 1965.He graduated from the University of Tokyo , Faculty of Education.He worked in Takeshobou as an editor of mahjong magazines.After Takeshobou, he became a freelance writer.

 He also has a mahjong technique on par with that of professional mahjong players. He edits and writes many mahjong books.

His most important works are:

- Atama ga iihito,Waruihito no Mahjong (頭がいい人、悪い人の麻雀["Smart Person's Mahjong, Stupid Person's Mahjong" ])(currently in Kindai Mahjong Magazine)

- Akagi Akuma no Senjyutsu (アカギ 悪魔の戦術["Akagi: Devil's Tactics"])

- Ten Gyakuten Hassou no Hijyutsu (天 逆転発想の秘術["Ten: Secret Tactics for Comeback Victories"])

- Editor; Chou Nyumon Kagakusuru Mahjong (超入門科学する麻雀["An Introduction to Sciencing Mahjong"] by Totsugeki Tohoku)

 On the internet, he is well known as "Bakase" or "Hakase".Feedback on his blog is very positive.He also has an aspect of a "street mahjong player".He anonymously goes to mahjong houses in Tokyo feeling and watching the changes in Japanese mahjong culture and tactics of its players.

 In recent years, using his own viewpoint, he wrote some books about Education; "Kyouiku Kakusa Zetubou Shakai"(教育格差絶望社会/A Desperate Society of Education Difference)", and "Kyouiku Kakusa ga Nihon wo Kanbotsu saseru"(教育格差が日本を陥没させる/Education Difference Makes Japan Sink)". The media picked them up and made them an underground sensation. He was invited to a conference on education and is considered a new critic of education issues.

Q: I would like to be a mahjong writer like Sensei Fukuchi.
Name: anonymous
Age: 20s
Sex: male
Job: part-time job worker

Q: I'm a professional mahjong player but I am poor at mahjong
Name: justice
Age: 20s
Sex: male
Job: student and professional mahjong player
Blog: Today's Juses

Q: I wanna beat Hisato Sasaki! What should I do?!
Name: anonymous
Age: teenager
Sex: male
Job: student